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Abby is available for sensual massage, lingerie modeling, and private exotic adult entertainment.
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Available exclusively in Atlanta, Ga. U.S.A.

My luxurious location is in the upscale
Dunwoody area of Atlanta


This auburn beauty is 55, weighs 115 lbs
and has a voluptuous figure!


My Availability 10:00 AM till 10:0 PM. Monday thru Saturday

By appointment only

Please schedule appointments in advance.

Half hour: 150
Full hour: 200

No full service

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Becoming a model is one of the biggest dreams of many girls who want to appear on magazine covers and catalogs so they can travel, earn money and become famous. However, the truth is that this career requires a lot of sacrifice like any other, and your fabulous escort knows this fact. In order to maintain her marvelous silhouette she resorts to a rigorous routine and sticks with it.

She follows a strict training regime because she knows that it is fundamental for her to have a slender body and a strong muscular system. For that reason, she spends at least one hour exercising on the gym five days a week to preserve her wonderful appearance.

Escorts dedicate themselves in body and soul to their work with the upmost professionalism and seriousness. It is no wonder that they started their preparation from an early age in order to become magnificent models. Through many photo shoots they were able to practice different postures so they could find the most exciting way to project their fascinating magnetism.

In addition to their perfect aspect, these wonderful women have a wide variety of qualities that has ensured their success.

Your stunning escort will tell you that she has even worked as a runway model. For that reason, she knows how to move with grace and delicacy to the rhythm of music with steps programmed as part of a perfect choreography. Additionally she has learned to deal with the stressful and exhausting facets of her occupation, and yet be able to preserve an astonishing appearance.

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